Lacking Inspiration? 7 Quick Tips for Sparking New Motivation When You’re Feeling Stuck

Explore the root causes and psychology behind creative blocks.

We all have those days when we wake up feeling completely unmotivated and uninspired. Staring at a blank page or todo list full of overdue tasks can leave you frustrated and more than a bit lost on how to get going.

But having an occasional bout of writer’s block or task paralysis is normal. The trick lies in getting re-inspired so you can get back on track quickly.

Here are 7 go-to strategies you can try anytime inspiration eludes you and you need fresh motivation in a flash:

1. Step Away From Your Desk

When you’re staring at the same projects lacking direction, it’s likely a mental block from burnout. Give your brain a break by getting some distance.

Go for a short walk, grab a snack or beverage, or switch tasks completely. Just moving your focus gives your subconscious an opening to generate creative solutions.

Aim for 5-10 minutes away each hour. Set a recurring alarm on your phone if it helps.

Letting your mind wander a bit is all it needs to unlock new motivation when you return.

2. Turn On Tunes That Inspire Joy

Music has an instant effect on your mood, mindset, and motivation. Upbeat songs with positive lyrics can stimulate feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

Make a go-to playlist filled with tracks that never fail to lift your spirits. Keep the volume at a level that wakes you up without being distracting.

Listening to inspiring music makes tasks more enjoyable. You’ll find yourself humming along in no time.

3. Look At Photos That Make You Smile

Images capturing meaningful memories or places you love also boost mood fast by firing up happy brain chemicals.

Keep an inspiration folder or Pinterest board with a few top feel-good pics. Glance through when your motivation dips for an instant joy regainer.

Gazing at beloved faces and beautiful scenes makes frustrations fade as your perspective shifts to one of gratitude. Hard to stay stuck when you’re smiling!

4. Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Yep, being kind pays off by putting you in a better mood!

Research confirms that small acts of generosity flood you with feel-amazing endorphins that lower stress. Both key for regaining drive when inspiration abandons you.

Try treating a friend or colleague to lunch, leaving an uplifting note for your partner, or baking cookies for neighbors.

The positive energy you spread will circle right back instantly recharging you.

5. Take A Quick Power Nap

If brain fog has you movin’ slow because you’re short on rest, a 10-20 minute power nap works wonders.

Finding it tough to get started because you’re running on fumes? Set your alarm and indulge in a brief snooze.

Just a few minutes of quality shut eye reboots alertness so you tackle sticky tasks with renewed verve upon waking.

Can’t sleep at work? Close your eyes to relax or meditate so you restart refreshed.

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6. Talk It Out With A Friend Or Mentor

When solo brainstorming fails, describe your stuck spot to someone supportive. Saying problems out loud sparks insights from a different perspective.

Text or call a buddy willing to lend their ear. Share what exactly has you spinning and ask for their suggestions.

Or book time with a mentor happy to help strategize your next move. Describe the big picture then drill down to obstacless together.

Having a sounding board gets thoughts flowing freely so solutions arise naturally. And mentors have life experience that unearths motivation you may have forgotten.

7. Remind Yourself Why Your Work Matters

Stress has a sneaky way of distorting our passion for meaningful work into feeling like annoying drudgery.

When your why behind effort evaporates, inspiration follows. Reconnecting with your purpose reignites the inner spark fast.

Ask yourself:

  • Why do I do this?
  • Who benefits from my pushing through this challenge?
  • What outcome am I working to create in the bigger picture?
  • How does this task or role help others?

Revisiting how your grit leads to gains for other people adds instant meaning. Your motivation will skyrocket knowing your work counts in ways beyond a paycheck or accolades.


Using any of these 7 tips whenever you need a motivation adjustment helps prevent stuck spots from stopping your success. Test them out and see which become your go-to inspiration igniters.

The next time you wake up dreading your to-do list, try a mood booster. Get up and moving or chat with an encourager first. You’ll fast discover inspiration was there all along. You just needed a fresh perspective.

Staying motivated in work and life is challenging for everyone at times. Be compassionate with yourself on off days but have a plan to get unstuck.

Saving time by quickly refueling inspiration gives you energy to persist at worthwhile effort. And consistent perseverance is what ultimately creates the results and rewards your striving deserves.


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